2D Animator


Roles and Duties of a 2D animator in movies and video games

  • Coordinating the style, process, and execution of the forthcoming animation with authors, directors, and clients.
  • Constructing storyboards from the script.
  • Putting together client presentations of rough sketches.
  • building models, pictures, and drawings.
  • Creating characters and frames.

Key Skills required:

  • Training in cel-based and computer-generated 2D animation.
  • Being able to picture abstract ideas.
  • Experience with layout design, clean-ups, and storyboarding.
  • Drawing talent and artistic outlook.
  • Visual narratives.
  • Versatility in drawing techniques and genres.

Requirements for 2D animators:

  • A character animator with a minimum of one year of experience in the industry (mobile & experience preferred).
  • Strong work ethic and problem-solving skills as a self-starter.
  • Knowledge of character rig creation and rig-based animation.
  • Has the capacity to accept criticism and offer constructive criticism.
  • Knowledge of the performance standards for mobile games.
  • Excellent skills in 2D art and animation.


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